Gül Heper is in the house

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  • Alexander Niléhn
  • June 18, 2019

Bringing experience in innovation to the black sheep family.

Gül Heper is in the house

We're delighted to announce that the innovation specialist Gül Heper leaves HiQ for BBH Stockholm where she will help create business value for our clients through unique and brave customer experiences. Gül will assume the role of Business Design Principal and further strengthen BBH Stockholm’s capabilities in supporting management teams at a strategic level by identifying new business opportunities where their customers and customers' future needs are in focus.

"Commercial success for today's brands is about combining relevance with experience. Brands must understand behavioral shifts and respond to the unique individual's needs in the moment of now without added noise. In order to succeed with this, they need to acquire a deep understanding of technology as well as being able to translate the boardroom theories into practice. This is essential when creating consumer experiences that are differentiating and brave. Gül has the rare quality and experience to succeed with this, which makes it very fun, both for us and our customers, that she has chosen to join us at BHH Stockholm”

– Patrik Danielsson, Chief Experience Officer at BBH Stockholm

Gül Heper has previously worked with brand development and innovations in companies such as Absolut Vodka, Nespresso, HTL Hotels and Scandic Hotels. Gül is also an international keynote speaker and co-founder of the international network CMO goes TECH.

“BBH stands for the future's holistic brand development by focusing on the customer's needs combined with relevant technology create better customer experiences and thus increased business value for their clients. Through the Stockholm office's high ambitions and its many talents in design, technology and business development, BBH is at the forefront when it comes to future-proofing their clients’ business. Being part of the team at BBH is amazing and I look forward to sharing all the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated during 18 years of branding and business development work”

– Gül Heper, Business Design Principle at BBH Stockholm

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