| Samsung and BBH London Invite You to Take a Stratospheric Selfie

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  • Alexander Niléhn
  • October 17, 2019

We're sending the Samsung Galaxy S10 to space using a high altitude balloon system. The S10 is the main processing unit for the whole operation. Join BBH London and Samsung Electronics in space! | Samsung and BBH London Invite You to Take a Stratospheric Selfie


To go where no phone had gone before, we needed some of the best and brightest minds to make it happen. So, with the help of a team of engineers, scientists and technicians, we pulled out all the stops. We used a super-pressure high-altitude balloon, specially designed apps and a tailored payload box to carry the Galaxy S10 5G into the upper stratosphere. And to power it all, solar panels were incorporated into the design. As it turns out, Samsung made the perfect phone to survive in space. It’s so durable that it can handle the extreme environments found in the stratosphere without any special cases or insulation. And tests showed that it can even withstand temperatures as low as -65°C. Read more about the Samsung S10 5G at

All the stars were out at Samsung KX on October 23rd to launch our very first SpaceSelfie. And none shone brighter than the multitalented Cara Delevingne. Now that the SpaceSelfie mission has come to a close, it’s obvious that Cara Delevingne's sensational spin on the selfie has really rubbed off on everyone. While we didn’t spot any triple chins, she inspired thousands to be themselves by sending skydive smiles, cheesy grins and the odd grimace into space. So the next time you stare into that front-facing camera, why not try and be like Cara and get your true self into every shot?

Read more about the mission at

And learn more about how it was done by clicking on the video below.