Bokus Play

Your pathfinder in the book-jungle

Bokus, a well established online dealer for books partnered with BBH in 2017 to expand their offering and create a audiobook service.

What we did


Business Design
Product definition


UI & UX design
User testing



Faster than one can find a page in a book, a new one has arrived at And before you know it the next one arrives, and the next… As great as it is with such a deep and broad library of books, it is also creating a jungle for the listener.

What will suit me?

”Our aim is to create an experience that not only serves you audiobooks but acts as an intelligent agent that tailors the listening for you.”
David Prentell — Strategist, BBH Stockholm

Business to experience

To create an experience which is tailored around you, we needed to build certain ingredients.
Two needs-based payment models,  a-la-carte and all you can eat.
Ability to pause or switch subscription whenever.
Free sample listening, 30mins per book on all books. No need to create a  account.

The most powerful AI

By pairing technology powered personalisation with the most powerful AI, the human brain, Bokus can truly say; we are the book experts.

We encourage the joy of discovery

We guide the user to their next listen. We encourage them to find new books by always offering a way forward.

Every book has related books and there is no end to the rabbit hole. As your journey continues the app learns what you are after and opens up paths relevant to you.

Build your own library

Just like any respectable on-demand service users can save, download for offline use and create their own library of books. On top of this, we’ve added auto-generated lists based on your listening.