Expressen — Growth Accelaration, App Store Optimisation

The newspaper placard. Reinvented for the App Stores.

Expressen partnered with BBH Stockholm
to stand out in the forrest of millions of apps.


After 6 months, thousands of assets a/b tested over 4 iterations Expressen became:
— Nr 1 news app on the Swedish App Store and Google Play
— 100% optimised App Store presences according to ASO analytics tool Mobile action
— 4000 additional downloads coming from organic search (and counting)
— In April mobile share was at 47,5% of the mobile market share and the distance to Aftonbladet’s market share is shrinking very fast
— Expressen is outpacing Aftonbladet with a +23% year on year growth, compared to Aftonbladet’s +3.5%

What we did

4 optimised and localised keywords/titles
20 optimised and localised screenshotsAnalysis of >10000 keywords
4 optimised and localised banners
1 Preview video
Business Design
Product definition
12 app icons tested
3 indentified happy rating moments
4 A/B/C/D-tests
4  performance reports
The concept is a reinvention of the news placard, which since the dawn of modern time had its place outside of kiosks and grocery stores. We just brought the concept to the bigger stores.
“Expressen’s plan to become Sweden’s largest provider of news is partly about moving our readers from the web to the apps. BBH has positioned us in the forefront through solid App Store optimization and thus increased our organic downloads over time. This has resulted in a 100/100 ‘visibility score’ and a solid first place in the news category in App Store and Google Play, far ahead of competitors such as Aftonbladet and others"
Klas Granström — Head of Digital, Expressen
What followed was months of split testing and keyword analysis. Three concepts were put to the A/B test, tweaked and fine tuned into perfection and then tweaked again for conversion.In the beginning of June the final results were in. Users had picked their favourite. The concept we ended up launching took the publisher to the number one spot in the news category and Expressen was literally out of the woods.
App icons
Top banners & screenshots
”App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the art of being seen among millions of apps. Many brands overlook this step and release their products hoping for something to happen. Well, that is like creating a beautiful billboard and then place it deep within the Siberian forest.”
David Prentell — Director of Product Strategy and Growth, BBH Stockholm