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Panini Internazionale first on the Swedish market with Amazon Go Concept

Panini Internazionale and BBH Stockholm have worked under the radar to bring a completely new concept "Grab-n-Go" to the Panini customers and the Swedish market. The technology has been developed in collaboration with a group of 15-20 people at BBH Stockholm and is reminiscent of the Amazon Go concept where customers walk in and out of the store without having to queue.

- This is a way to create a similar experience as Amazon Go with fewer resources. I do not know anyone in the Swedish market who has done this to such extent, says Patrik Danielsson, Chief Experience Officer at BBH to Dagens Handels sister magazine Fri Köpenskap.

The customer simply enters the store, picks up his mobile phone and easily scans the goods' special QR codes. Then they pay with a simple push of a button and mobile bank ID on their way out of the store. For pre-ordered goods "on the go", the customer only enters and retrieves the goods via a special delivery wall.

- This is a very fast variant based on trust. Customers have less and less time and in this way, we can help simplify everyday life, says Patrik Danielsson.

Do you expect more thefts?

- No, we're not worried about losses. On the contrary, we believe that it will bring greater added value and a deeper trust among customers.

Four of Panini's 28 Stockholm stores, Garnisonen, Jakobsbergsgatan, Humlegårdsgatan, and Sveavägen are now pilot testing the concept while it will be rolled out to the other stores during late summer or early autumn when the concept is mature.

- Pre-ordering and picking up via the wall is possible in all stores and throughout the range already, but when it comes to "Grab and go" we want to oil the machine well before we roll out on a broad front.

The Grab-n-Go part is the outwardly more intense effort, but according to Patrik Danielsson, it is only a small part of the technology. The big change comes from the underlying technology, a so-called "E-brain". The technical brain is a system that enables scalable development.

- If you think of a circle with more rings around. The innermost circle is the service core or our "E-brain". In the circle that encloses the smaller circle, we copper on the Grab-n-Go concept, but the really big thing is that the technology is scalable.

In this way, the company equips the next-generation Panini stores. With the scalable model, the company can add additional functions in the future. For example, to completely step into the Amazon Go world.

- Absolutely, staff-free shops where you walk in and out is a part. Vending machines at companies or at high-traffic locations and other hubs are others. But it also provides opportunities for ordering your pizza via voice control in the mobile, explains Patrik Danielsson.