Truecaller — Product Design / Brand Design

Shifting brand perceptions of a quarter of a billion people


Truecaller was a brand synonymous to its function, perceived as something that lived inside your phone, something that you didn't really notice. It just sat there. Blocking your unwanted calls.

With a growing new suite of services, functionalities, and partnerships, Truecaller needed to make a transition from being perceived as just a global spam-blocker to an enabler of a world full of meaningful conversations. 


After two months the rebranding together with the new updated 8.0 resulted in:
— that over 85 third-party apps started using their sign-in option
— that over 15% of their user base started using their instant messages tool
— that over 30 of the largest e-commerce dealers started using their white-listing number service

What we did

Brand strategy

Vision & mission


Brand design

Every story begins with the right call. Don’t miss out on what really matters

Getting the call from that employer you've always dreamt of..
Knowing the name of the person driving your cab..
Eliminating the distraction of that stubborn sales guy..
Instantly paying your friends when you’re out of cash..

On a journey

There’s a new world out there. A world reaching far beyond spam-blocking and knowing who calls you. Technology that is built to simplify your life is indeed great, but simultaneously infinite connectivity is creating infinite complexity. New forms of trust barriers are being put up.

Truecaller imagines a world that is built on mutual trust. No matter whether it's gained at the beginning of a conversation, in the middle of a transaction or when the signature is confirmed.

That’s what the Truecaller journey is all about.

Unifying every emotion sparked under one voice. One umbrella. One brand.


Truecaller sent out a big press release to announce the new brand and features, inviting their community of users, developers and partners to their inaugural Stay Ahead event in Delhi. Shortly after the press event the application became the third most downloaded in India, even surpassing Facebook.
“BBH Stockholm has been involved in the brand concept, identity, creating of new logotype, iconography, brand tonality and brand expression. The brand is getting ready to do the transition from being just an app.” 
 Kari Krishnamurthy, VP of Brand & Strategy at Truecaller