Panini Snabbhandel nominated for Svenska Designpriset

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  • Alexander Niléhn
  • September 6, 2019

Panini Snabbhandel has been nominated in Svenska Designpriset in two categories “Digital / Smartphone” and “Digital / E-commerce” .

Panini Snabbhandel nominated for Svenska Designpriset

Just before summer, Panini and BBH released the first version of Panini Snabbhandel, an innovative retail experience with the consumer app in the center. The app helps people to hack time with services like Grab & Go, where people scan the items they want, pay in the app and just walk out - entirely skipping the queue. Another service is Smart Ordering which helps customers save time by pre-ordering meals through contextual notifications that are mapped to personal taste, location and time of day.

The app has received two nominations in Svenska Designpriset in the categories “Digital / Smartphone” and “Digital / E-commerce”. Voting is open for everyone and starts on September 9 at

“We are extremely happy to be nominated in Svenska Designpriset, especially in the category of E-commerce since we believe the app itself and services in it are change-makers in this category.”
/ Lars Englund, UX-designer BBH Stockholm

About Svenska Designpriset

Svenska Designpriset is the leading design award in Sweden, honoring Swedish design from printed publications to digital interactions.

About Panini

Panini Internazionale began by making international delicacies available in Stockholm in the 90’s when four brothers — Alexandro, Christo, Pierre, and Ricard Constantinou – sold sandwiches and specialty food out of a hole-in-the-wall store on Jakobsbergsgatan. Today, Panini Internazionale serves healthy fast food, made daily on-site in stores all over Stockholm. It’s food that fits a fast-paced lifestyle while being as flavorful and nourishing as anything you cook at home.


We didn't win although the jury nominated Panini Snabbhandel as their first choice in the category “Digital / E-commerce” and third choice in "Digital / Smartphone”.


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