We design, build and scale captivating customer experiences that generate business breakthroughs

BBH Stockholm design, build and scale captivating customer experiences that generate business breakthroughs.

We are convinced that commercial success is a direct result of a brand’s ability to decode clear behavioural signals in society - use these contextually - and design tailored brand experiences that serve the individual in the moment of now.

Through a seamless process that combines business thinking, cultural insights, creativity, and technological innovation we work side-by-side courageous brands to unlock business opportunities at speed.

Magic & Logic

Working with us means leapfrogging your business into the future. We apply our experimental DNA and growth-hacking mentality to everything we do, and use relevant technologies to amplify the brand experience. In short, the reason we go to work is to turn the imaginary into reality.

Thinkers, Makers, Doers

We believe in learning by creation. Thus, rather than trying to impress you with arbitrary arguments, we advance success through a sprint process that includes experimentation, prototyping, iterative improvements and continuous testing to make sure that our strategies and concepts meet with true human needs and desires.

Collaborative Innovation

Working with us means entering a sandbox of opportunities. We are convinced that radical change only happens when multiple perspectives unite. Therefore, we always work in close collaboration with clients, partners and consumers. The result is a pro-active process that increases speed, saves money and improves quality.

Skin in the game

We are convinced that extraordinary partnerships require both gut and skill. Therefore we always encourage our clients to embrace new types of commercial set-ups. With the intention to share both risk and reward with us.

The 4 pillars that forms our unified offer

Business & brand strategy


Technical exploration & Build

Growth acceleration