12 years of partnership in an ever changing world

  • BBH x Volvo Cars
  • 2012 - Present
  • Innovation partner

Volvo Cars and BBH are on a mission to drive prosperity through experiences. We’re building long-lasting platforms that makes your Volvo experience better and we prototype new ventures that help transform the Volvo organization at rapid speed.

Our relationship began with a need for Volvo to create their own digital products and services around the car. But it has evolved and today we tackle business critical problems and help the organisation move into the future.

”By 2025, our customers will get back one week's worth of time a year through our cars and services”

Håkan Samuelsson – CEO, Volvo Cars

Progress through prototyping

Today, speed is crucial to keep up with our changing landscape. Together we assemble cross functional teams of specialists from several different companies to create and validate ideas on a weekly basis. We design and develop prototypes in design sprints and test them in users' real environments to evaluate the different ideas' technological feasibility and scalability.

Users, UI-designers, UX-designers, system architects, developers, process leaders and decision makers.

Optimizing flows and refining the prototype

Prototyping sprint, live at Rejmes in Halmstad together with the technicians in their work environment. Sketch, test, learn and redo.

Prototype user testing with Volvo technicians

Prototype at work collecting data

Build your Volvo

Leading the customer all the way to purchase

Buying a car could easily become a complex experience. We’re making it easy to find your Volvo by guiding you through the technical lingo and 3 billion possible configurations. Whenever you need a nudge in the right direction we connect you to local experts that help answering your questions right away. This is the first interaction with a Volvo car dealership that many people experience - and we aim to make it a pleasant one.

14 million

Started configurations


Of all Volvo buyers used the configurator


Collective years worth of styling their next dream Volvo

324 921

Total finished configurations in May 2017

Connecting users directly with their local dealer.

The experience exist on all platforms and is used in car dealerships as the core sales tool.

Min Volvo

The service that connects your Volvo to all available data and Paul.

Owning a Volvo Car should be easy. That’s why we streamline all information regarding your Volvo in a single client application. You could keep track of everything important such as service bookings, trip logs, taxes, costs, and insurance details, as well as getting an up-to-date status of your car. Through the app you could book a service appointment on your terms and at a time convenient for you.

Min Volvo now keeps track of everything you need to know about your car and let’s you know what's around the corner.

”BBH has not only successfully helped us transform the way customers purchase cars, they are also future proofing vital parts of our business.”

Markus Lundström — Digital Director, Volvo Cars Sweden


  • Strategy

  • Business model innovation

  • Brand strategy

  • Data strategy

  • Technical strategy

  • Design

  • User experience

  • Service design

  • Engineering

  • System architecture

  • Back-end development

  • Back-end development

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