Designing the new frontier of digi-physical grocery shopping

  • BBH x Coop
  • 2020 – Present
  • Strategic design and innovation partner

Just 7 months since the start of the project Coop has opened their first flagship store with a customer experience tailored for a seamless digital-physical shopping experience. Designed around end-to-end mobile self-scanning.

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The grocery shopping experience needs improvement

In-store grocery shopping has basically looked the same for years, with self-scanning since long established as a normality. Allowing for a smoother shopping experience but with its limitations, such as hardware requirements and payment through physical terminals.

With the introduction of an end-to-end smartphone shopping journey in physical stores, customers will now save time and effort while allowing Coop to rapidly scale its omni-channel shopping experience across stores without heavy investments in physical infrastructure.

Scan - Pay - Go. Simple as pie.

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From project start to live beta in just 3,5 months

Throughout the project BBH’s sprint based design process has been applied with a cross-perspective team working integrated with Coop and partner specialists. Through continuous prototyping and testing the project team moves with speed in a creative operation - synchronized with technology and strategic objectives - guided by quantitative and qualitative data. This effective approach allowed us to go from project start to live beta in only 3,5 months.

In parallel with defining the user experience and service design principles BBH worked together with Coop store teams and architects to realize a fully seamless shopping experience tailored around Scan & Pay.

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Want to try the app? Download it here

What’s next

Relevance in every moment

Our close partnership with Coop to transform the grocery business continues with prime focus on designing digital smart tools and services. Personalized to benefit each customer in their everyday life puzzle. Coop’s new mobile self-scanning application is the first step in an extensive roadmap that includes integrating new value services such as mapping allergy information, auto-generated contextual shopping lists, product recommendations based on health scores, sustainable shopping filters and so much more…

The mission is clear and the roadmap is set. Stay tuned for more on how Coop will revolutionize the grocery industry. Relevance in every moment.

Other project partners:
Concid and Extenda

“In five years, Coop will have the world’s best grocery shopping experience”

Amer Mohammed, Chief digital officer, Coop Sweden

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“BBH constantly surprises me on how they turn complexity into experience simplicity”

Carita Weiss, Director of payments, Coop Sweden

”No fuss with big tough plastic scanners. Just go into the store, hold the phone in front of the barcodes, pay with Swish, goodbye.”


  • Strategy

  • Business model innovation

  • Brand strategy

  • Data strategy

  • Technical strategy

  • Design

  • User experience

  • Service design

  • Engineering

  • System architecture

  • Back-end development

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