Transforming a restaurant business

  • BBH x Panini Internazionale
  • 2018 - Present
  • Innovation partner

How BBH helped Panini to design the blueprint that will future proof their entire business, through a customer centric perspective.


Meet the demands of the hyper-connected consumer

How can we stay true to our core promise while serving the new type of hyper connected consumer? That was the initial ask to BBH. Over more than a decade Panini Internazionale has build their reputation as one of Stockholm’s most recognisable brands in their category by serving healthy and nutritious meals. Making sure that they continue to deliver outstanding service to their customers the company recognised that they needed help.

Serving great tasting and healthy food to conscious consumers with hectic lifestyles.


A brand experience platform that serves the individual consumer in the moment of now

Collaborating closely with Panini Internazionale leadership BBH created a brand & service strategy where customer, business, digital and physical perspectives are glued together.

Based on the principle of hacking time we then designed a smart suite of services - powered by a data intelligence centre -  enabling Panini to serve the individual customer according to their needs in the moment. Seamlessly across the whole customer journey.

Using data as a creative paintbrush

The continuous feed of data constantly provide Panini with insights and behavioural signals that helps the company to improve sustainability and to make informed business decisions.

"Since we’re currently going through the biggest digital transformation in the company’s history it is vital to create qualitative consumer experiences and clever tools that match our beliefs when it comes to good food and fast service. To save time for our customer has always been one of our core values."

Ricard Constantinou — partner and co-founder, Panini Internazionale.


  • Strategy

  • Business model innovation

  • Brand strategy

  • Data strategy

  • Technical strategy

  • Design

  • User experience

  • Service design

  • Engineering

  • System architecture

  • Back-end development

  • Back-end development

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