Panini Internazionale

Transforming & future proofing a hospitality company

Panini Internazionale is a Stockholm fast-food brand famed for serving great tasting and healthy food to conscious consumers with hectic lifestyles. To stay true to their brand promise and meet demands of the new breed of hyper-connected consumers they assigned BBH as partner to future proof their full operations from customer experience to business performance.

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Our challenge

Meet the demands of the hyper-connected consumer

How can we stay true to our core promise while serving the new type of hyper connected consumer? That was the initial ask to BBH. Over more than a decade Panini Internazionale has build their reputation as one of Stockholm’s most recognisable brands in their category. Making sure that they continue to deliver outstanding service to their customers the company recognised that they needed help.

The personalised click & collect feature guides the customer to the nearest Panini where the order is picked up on the go.


A personalised customer experience and powerful business intelligence tool

Collaborating closely with Panini Internazionale leadership BBH created a brand & service strategy where customer, business, digital and physical perspectives are glued together. 

Based on the principle of hacking time we then designed a smart suite of services - powered by the “e-brain” -  a central data intelligence system that creates a personalised & seamless experience across the whole customer journey. While tailoring the service to individual customer needs the e-brain feeds the company with data insights on how to optimise operational efficiency in terms of crowd management, waste management, staff allocation, product development, marketing tactics and more. 

Similar to Amazon Go customers can use the app to scan & pay for their items with a single click. No need to wait in line to pay the cashier desk.

My Volvo keeps track of everything, from costs to service bookings, taxes to-, trip logging, a up-to-date status of your car and much more.

Using data as a creative paintbrush

The company is now set for future demands, allowing them to stay true to their innovative soul as well as effectively act on new business opportunities.

Since we’re currently going through the biggest digital transformation in the company’s history it is vital to create qualitative consumer experiences and clever tools that match our beliefs when it comes to good food and fast service. To save time for our customer has always been one of our core values.

Ricard Constantinou — partner and co-founder, Panini Internazionale.

"Mycket snabb variant"

“Utmanaren släpper Amazon Go-koncept: Först på marknaden”

“Senaste utmanaren av det kassalösa konceptet”


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  • Product vision

  • Business Design

  • Concept

  • Product definition

  • Design

  • UI & UX design

  • Prototyping

  • User testing

  • Engineering

  • Front-end

  • Partner integration

  • QA

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