Going from peak complexity to peak simplicity

Volvo has been looking for ways to do things differently from the very beginning. Through 7 years of partnership, BBH has helped Volvo do that. Creating experiences that felt uniquely Volvo.


During our 7 years of partnership we have, amongst a lot, achieved:
— That you today can subscribe to/buy your Volvo online
— That ~80% of all Volvo buyers use the configurator pre-purchase
— That ~2000 Volvo Car Pilots are participating during design & development of new services

What we did


Product definition


UI & UX design
User testing


Back & Front-end
Partner integrations
”By 2025, our customers will get back one week's worth of time a year through our cars and services”
Håkan Samuelsson — CEO, Volvo Cars
A car should be the ultimate symbol of freedom, giving you access to the open road and a carefree lifestyle.

Today, this is a distant dream.

The complexity of not only buying a car but owning it and using it is increasing year by year.

This is why we believe that the way that we use cars needs to be;

Designed Around You.
7 years of challenging complexity
We need to combat this complexity with simplicity by designing experiences tailored around the customer.

This is a truth that we have learned through our 7-year long partnership with Volvo, where we have gone from flash brochures to selling cars online.

By harnessing Volvo’s leading tech-position, innovation, and long history, we have the tools to make that a reality.

We are creating a suite of intelligent services that does the heavy lifting for Volvo’s customers, no matter if they're buying, using or selling a Volvo.

Markus Lundström, Volvo
”BBH Stockholm has not only successfully helped us transform the way customers purchase cars, they are also future proofing vital parts of our business.”
Markus Lundström— Director of Digital Platforms, Volvo Cars Sweden

Build your Volvo – A configurator that leads the customer all the way to purchase.

Sign and send your customised configuration order straight to the factory from the summary view with an all-inclusive monthly deal. The experience is humble, crisp and to the point. Stripped from unnecessary bling and executed with the same premium feel and human-centered approach that is, and forever will be the core of Volvo Cars.
of the Swedish population has configured a car
of all Volvo buyers used the configurator
Collective years worth of styling their next dream Volvo
Total finished configurations in May 2017

My Volvo – A smart assistant that connects your Volvo to all available data and Paul.

Automating and eliminating every annoyance that comes with car ownership. Keeping track of everything, from costs to service bookings, taxes to insurance, trip logging, an up-to-date status of your car and much more.

Drivers can see what lies around the next corner, be reminded of what they need to do today, and have their personal technician waiting – all within a single app.
Paul Oskarsson— Service technician, Rejmes Volvo
Our work together doesn’t end here. Together with Volvo and the group of Volvo Car pilots we continue to push towards simplicity and an experience that is truly Designed Around You.