Revolutionizing the way football clubs interact with fans, one tap away.

  • BBH x Fantom
  • Product design

Fantom is the world’s first wearable dedicated for the fans, created in close collaboration between BBH, Turnpike and Manchester City F.C.

Hardware made from scratch

Everything with fantom was built from the ground up involving multiple specialists on hardware technology and design.

↪ Connectivity

Using Bluetooth and NFC we connected Fantom to the users smartphone for instant access and to save battery

↪ Smart screen

We use a low energy smart screen that doesn’t so that Fantom doesn’t run out of juice.

↪ Partnerships

We connect and curate information using leading sport statistics-providers API:s

Final product shot

”… Diehard football fans often joke they would give their right arm for their club. Now City supporters can prove their loyalty.”


Fantom was covered by sports press from all over the world


  • Strategy

  • Business model innovation

  • Brand strategy

  • Data strategy

  • Technical strategy

  • Design

  • User experience

  • Service design

  • Engineering

  • System architecture

  • Back-end development

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