How Hemfrid transformed domestic services forever

  • BBH x Hemfrid
  • 2017 – Present
  • Innovation partner

Hemfrid partnered with BBH Stockholm to digitise  the whole customer and employee journey, transforming a conservative business into a joyful experience for customers and employees.

Defining Hemfrid's future position

Home automation is growing, new services and products are being invented to help people take care of and manage their household. Hemfrid saw this as an opportunity to create a home that takes care of itself, removing time-consuming tasks and focusing on automating homes. From strategic partnerships with other household services to IoT solutions.

Crunch to lunch - working our prototype for testing

Concept and ideation with the team

”Our goal is to have the leading digital position in the industry and offer the best digital domestic services. This is an important milestone in our digital transformation.”

Maria Andersson — CEO, Hemfrid

Hemfrid gives you a home that takes care of itself

Introducing a brand new way for tens of thousands of customers to place a booking, give instructions and pay in an incredibly easy way.

→ Book cleaning? One tap.
→ Want us to change your sheets while we’re at it? One tap.
→ Change day? No problem.
→ Happy with our service? One swipe.

Friction free service for all employees

For Hemfrid it was important to empower their employees with modern tools. We helped transform the way thousands of co-workers manage schedules, receive instructions and communicate with their clients and managers.

Meeting the people of Hemfrid out on the field was key in the process of building a useful and sustainable tool.


  • Strategy

  • Product vision

  • Business design

  • Concept

  • Design

  • UX design

  • UI design

  • Brand design

  • Prototyping

  • User testing

  • Front-End

  • Partner Integrations

  • QA

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