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Maîtres, a brand new food-tech startup partnered with BBH Stockholm to build and launch an ‘Uber for dining out’.

A service that focuses on what matters

Great dining should be an effortless experience; fast, simple and relevant. It should not be about looking up allergens, nor should it be about making reservations, waiting for your restaurant bill or figuring out how much you should tip.

Introduction film

So, what’s so special with Maîtres?


Maîtres guides you through a selection of the best restaurants in Stockholm based on your location and your taste.


Speak directly to the restaurants' head waiter and book the best table in the house, tonight.


Enjoy your dining experience effortlessly. The waiter already knows you and your preferences.


Whenever you're ready, just leave the table. Payments and bills will sort themselves out, even if you want to split the bill with your company.

”Don’t pull up your phone during dinner – that’s our benchmark. No awkward checkin buttons, no mandatory checkout flows. Just sit back and enjoy.”

Andreas Jakobsson— Lead UX, BBH Stockholm

"Den nya appen Maîtres ska ta dina restaurangbesök till en ny nivå. Med appen slipper du sitta och vänta på notan – och kan dra direkt när du ätit klart."

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"Ett effektivare betal- och bokningssystem. Det hoppas startupen Maitres på när de lanserar sin Uberliknande tjänst bland svenska restauranger."

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