Empowering sales agents to sell cars anywhere, anytime

  • BBH x Volvo Cars
  • 2021 — Present
    Design & Innovation Partner

Together with Volvo Cars Sweden, we are transforming how Volvo sales agents work by providing them with tailored tools to assist in their everyday work.

The collaboration has led to the development of apps for iPhone and Apple Watch, enabling seamless car sales from anywhere, anytime.

The Why

Transitioning from stationary to mobility

As the role of sales agents continues to evolve rapidly and sales processes becoming more modular, traditional tools are becoming outdated and no longer capable of meeting the demands of today's challenges.

Recognising this shift, we embarked on a mission to create a solution that seamlessly integrates into the dynamic workflows of more mobile sales agents.

The role of sales agents is changing as sales processes become more modular and interactive.
Today, sales agents offer analysis, consultations, and sales wherever customers are, beyond just the showroom.
At dealerships, sales agents employ diverse tools and methods to effectively manage their tasks efficiently.

The How

Tailored solutions through close collaboration with the user

At the core of our project was our user – the sales agent – who guided every step of our design sprint.

Together we mapped out the user journey, ensuring that every step of the sales process was understood and addressed. Leveraging these insights, we designed an app tailored to meet the specific needs of Volvo sales agents.

Through continuous user testing and refinement, we've created a solution that empowers sales agents to assist their customers, whether on their iPhone or directly from their wrist.

”I feel like this product has been thought of from our perspective.”

John Lalin — Sales agent, Volvo Car Retail Uppland Väsby


Driving user-centric change through the support of early adopters

Implementing change requires more than a rollout strategy and polished product. It requires building a culture of change and earning the users trust to ensure successful adoption and long-term commitment.

Pilots are currently being conducted in seven different Volvo dealerships across Sweden, placing the product in the hands of sales agents. These early adopters sales agents act as ambassadors within the organisation and provide us with continuous feedback to refine and further develop the design of the product.

This collaboration builds the trust and engagement that is essential for change to happen. Having a people-centered approach drives user adoption – a key for boosting business value.

Driving adoption demands more than innovation, it hinges on cultivating
a culture of change and fostering user trust.

”BBH Stockholm has been a key partner in our digital transformation. Their expertise is crucial in making the vision of consumer-like experiences for our enterprise users a reality.”

Erik Bylund — Head of Tech & Architecture, Volvo Cars Sweden